Captain Joe

Joe….. your exciting Captain

If you've had a tough three months on the job and don't give a hoot about latitude and longitude, prepare to kick back and take it easy.

If you're a seasoned sailor and want to take charge, he can stay out of your way. If you're experienced but want to ratchet up, he'll make it jive. If you're a beginner, you'll finish with some nautical knowhow and lots of lingo that will impress the passengers on the flight home.

Captain Joe is St Lucian " with more than 25 years of professional sailing experience each. As a licensed Captain current in CPR and First Aid, Joe serves The Moorings, Sunsail and too many private owners to page through. As a delivery captain he sailed the Caribbean hundreds of thousands of miles.

Depending on your mood, you can take on the maddening crowd or be a recluse. Do both, if you're up for it. Take the Jazz Festival, for example. You can maneuver the crowded anchorage, dinghy in for your musical heroes, party down for a day or two, and then escape to a quiet spot a few islands away to let the tinnitus die down. Sort of a yin and yang experience that's hard to explain to the relatives.